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The nice thing about it being so close to Halloween is that I can get a bunch of stuff from the halloween stores to use as props for my horror movies now, even if I end up not starting any filming until next Spring. It also gives me a chance to get ideas for more stories to write.
The werewolf masks are getting better and better. I am almost tempted to go back and get one of the masks that are already made instead of relying on makeup. I don't have any werewolf stories written yet, simply because I can't come up with any ideas that would be good for a short (5 to 10 minute) movie. The shortest ideas I have so far would be about 15 minutes -- and that would only be by cutting out the stuff that would explain to people the story of werewolfdom... that is, I would have to assume that everyone knows what a werewolf is, how it comes to being, how it can be killed, etc. While making such a flick is possible, my ideas always seem to involve characters wanting to explain things to the audience, like why is the werewolf hunter looking for silver bullets after he's run out, or something like that.
I didn't get any werewolf masks. But I did get a bunch of blood and body parts. The body parts still look a little cheesy, but they are better than they were a couple of years ago. I should probably just hire someone (oogieboogie) to make some life casts of hands, fingers, feet, etc., that can be cut, slashed, torn, rended, chopped, and so on. I don't know what I need yet, though, so I'm just throwing out ideas.
Oh shit, I just got an awesome idea for a werewolf script... later!

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