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The day before I saw the commercials for the new Fog movie coming out, I had an idea for a short horror movie about fog. I remember the movie, The Fog, from the 70's... any of you remember that one? Is this a remake? Or just another movie with a similar title?
I noticed that one of the actors looks like the guy who plays Clark Kent on WB's Smallville, is this the same guy?
I suppose this means that making a movie with fog hiding some unseen horror is out of the question right now, or else I just look like a copycat. I suppose I can make the fog hiding something good that just appears evil, but actually coming to help a town from some other unseen evil...

Yes, this new movie is a remake of the original 1980 version, and once again John Carpenter is producing it. And I was right about Tom Welling, the guy who plays Clark Kent on Smallville is in this movie.
I might just end up going to go see it, just for fun.

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