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After living here in my new home for 3 years, I have finally registered to vote. I had gotten the paperwork before the last major election, but I hadn't gotten it turned in on time for that last election, so I ended up not turning it in at all.
I just got a new registration card yesterday, and got it filled out and mailed off; I can't find what I did with the old card.
Here in California, the unions are spending a ton of money to oppose a bunch of propositions that Gov. Schwarzenegger is supporting. Yes, he is Republican, and I am not. But I am more opposed to unions than I am with our republican governor, especially unions spending all that money spreading a bunch of lies about what some of these propositions are really for; spending the money I am giving them just so I can keep my job. (Our hospital has a closed-shop union, which means you have to belong, or they force the hospital to fire you -- nevermind that closed unions are supposed to be illegal here -- I still don't know how they are getting away with that one. So, as long as I am paying union dues, they leave me alone. But that doesn't mean I have to agree with their political claims. I will probably vote contrary to what the union says to vote just to vote the opposite way. Don't tell me that voting that way isn't making an educated decision, I already know that. Most of the propositions are ones that I would support anyway, whether or not the union told me to do otherwise.)


I had another awesome idea for a movie last night. Pretty much got everything written down that I need to develop the idea further at a later time. Unfortunately, it is another full feature-length movie idea, not a five-minute short that I should be working on. Still just three of those written. I figure that I'll just keep writing my ideas down as I get them, whether they are long or short. Hopefully, more short movie ideas will come along with the longer ones.

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