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I finally got a third screen-play written. One that falls into my 5 to 10 minutes limit, anyway.
The ideas that I've been having lately would either be of the 30 minute variety, or full feature length.
I'm not ready to tackle those yet. But, I did write some of the ideas down for future reference.

So, for those of you who are paying attention, I've got a zombie movie, a vampire movie, and a creature from outer-space movie.

I want to write three more before trying to decide which one to do first. At this point, the zombie one would be the easiest. The vampie movie has a little bit of nudity. The creature from outer-space would be the one that would look most like a movie with the shots I want.
All the movies have blood.

I keep trying to think of ideas for a werewolf movie, but they always seem to extend past my 10 minute self-imposed limit. Haven't written any of those ideas down, yet, either. Once I can figure something out that'll be within my time-frame, then I'll work on it some more.

Still trying to think of ideas for a ghost story, another vampire story, a river-moster story, and a couple of others...

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