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My fortune cookie fortune says:
"Create your own stage.
The audience is waiting."

Although I didn't actually get another screen-play written last night, I did get a ton of writing done for a possible longer-length feature at some future time.
This time, it's a ghost story.
I want to be careful and try not to make it resemble "The Others" too closely. Somehow, a lot of my own religious beliefs on the after-life, reincarnation, God and angels can be incorporated into the story very easily... I mean, I basically just wrote my own opinion of how I believe all that would be inter-related and how it could work as a system, if there are such things as ghosts, God, and all that.
Believe me, if God does exist, He/She/It is a lot bigger than any of you can imagine, in my view. You all put too many restrictions on God--the Puritans believed Him to be an angry God, today you believe Him a loving God. What will you believe in 200 more years?
Anyway, the ghost story idea seems pretty good to me right now. This would actually end up having to be a feature length movie, however, so I'll have to wait to see if I ever get that far along with my movie making. I think it's just as original as "The Sixth Sence" and "The Others," yet captures a few ideas from each (among other works).

I need a movie camera icon for these types of posts!

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