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In HS, I hated history.
As I become more aged, I find more and more things in history interesting.
How did Abe Lincoln, a mostly unsuccesful politician end up being President of the United States?
Why did we go to war in Vietnam in the 1960s?
How come Macarthy was so successful in his deceit to the American public about who was a Communist?
That kind of thing.
Today, if someone announces that someone else is a communist, no one is going to blink an eye. This is America (where I live anyway, those of you who are not American don't have to think I'm trying to inlude you in this). We are (theoretically) allowed to think what we want. If we want to be communistic, we can.
In the '50's, the Cold War was still very much a real war to most Americans. Communism was viewed as evil.
No matter that the root word for communism is commune, which is also the root word for community.
Although Vietnam was not Nixon's war, had the Watergate scandal not been discovered, it is believed that the Vietnam war could have lasted well into the '80's. Nixon's downfall was also the beginning of the end of the war. But it was his predecessors who began it.
Today, a man like Lincold could never be president. Like George Washington, Mr. Lincoln hired as staff his opponents to get a more rounded view of what was going on around the country at the time. He used the intelligence of his friends to help guide him in his decision making. Today's politicians resort to mud-slinging, that is, trying to start nasty rumors and false information about his opponents. Lincoln was a decent man. He is known to be the man who signed the Emancipation Proclimation. But, he also owned slaves, and had at one time decided that if blacks were to go free as slaves, they should also be deported to Central and South America. Why? Because he knew that for many years to come, many whites would be resentful toward the freed slaves. His entire history as President was dealing with the Civil War, a war of North against South, mainly because of the freeing of slaves. Just several days after the Civil War ended, he was shot and killed.

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