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And people wonder why I don't watch medical shows on TV...
Well, part of it is simply because I don't really watch much TV.

C'mon writers, if you're going to use medical terms for anatomy, you could at least get the singular and plural forms correct.
Your fingers and toes are called phalanges, but the singular form is phalanx, not phalange.
The plural of pelvis is pelves, not pelvises.

Yeah, I'm still upset that most people think that the plural of appendix is spelled appendixes, and is even written in that form at the end of books. What happened to changing the x to a c? It's appendices.

Formula to formulae, not formulas.

Yes yes, I know that languages are malleable, and its structure can change drastically in just a matter of a few generations. It's not just slang that does this, although that's a big contributor. Try reading Shakespeare! That's English, but say some of those lines to an average man on the street, and he won't understand a word you're saying. Even the most famous line from Romeo and Juliet is misinterpreted: Wherefore art thou Romeo? is not Juliette asking where is Romeo. Wherefore means Why. Why is Romeo part of the family that is in a long-time dispute with her own family? That can't be right, as he is so perfect for me. That's what her little speech is about.
Go back further in time, and you'll find more verb conjugations in English, with matching suffixes (sufficies?) to the nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and even the adverbs.
Now, a blue car is a blue car, whether it is the subject of a sentence, a direct object, and even an indirect object. If we spoke the same way now that we did 800+ years ago, that wouldn't be so.

I'm not really opposed to change, but being brought about because people didn't do so well in English is not the reason I want to change. And I don't want to hear any of this we're trying to Americanize the Latin influences garbage.
Everyone keeps talking about trying to make school easier on our children. Schooling needs to be tougher, and parents need to be tougher. After school, life is not necessarily easy. We should not be giving them a false impression. Kids are more resilient than most people think -- actually, that may be the problem... people just aren't thinking anymore.

heh--doing a quick spellcheck, and even LJ's spell check has some of the words wrong:
It really is pelves for the plural of pelvis, and it really is formulae for the plural of formula. I knew sufficies was wrong, but I put that in there because it may have been correct at one time, and even if it wasn't, I was just following the rules to see what it would look like. Suffices is a completely different word.

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