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The one day I wouldn't mind if insomnia came to bed with me, and I'm sleepy as hell!
I need to run do stuff before I go to bed, but gotta wait 'til the mall opens (that's where I get my contacts). I want to go to bed so bad... but today's the last day I can wear these critters in my eyes (two week disposables -- the store was supposed to call me when my new ones came in, but I never got a call... they had better be in! grrr, or something similar to grrr)

Still no new screen-play. My muse hasn't been hanging around me these past couple of nights. That, plus it's been so damn busy at work.
Last night was my first of eight in a row. I am so not looking forward to this upcoming week. Especially Saturday, when I pull 16 hours, and next Wednesday when I do 12. I'm thinking my bosses want me to take another vacation sooner rather than later, the way they're working me! :( At this rate, I'm going to need one again.

I guess I shouldn't be complaining... at least in the medical field, you have job security (if you're good at what you do)... people are always sick. Suffice it to say, I'm good at what I do, at least according to the bosses... even upper management knows me, apparently.

Is the mall open yet? No? Damn.

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