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A thunder storm has been rolling across the Central Valley for the last couple of hours. So peaceful.
Weather report said that the foothills may get thunder, not us, though. It's not raining too hard. But, I still have a couple of things outside left over from unpacking by Burning Man stuff (my tents and ice chest that has a few remaining sodas and beer).


Yesterday, homeowners here got a ballot in the mail from the Mosquito Abatement District. They are asking homeowners to vote on whether a proposal to collect a little more than $7 a year would be okay to help fight mosquito populations in our area, which in turn would help reduce the spread of West Nile Virus.
Today, right after I went to bed (around 10 or so), I get a knock at the door. So, I put on my robe and get up.
It's a guy from the mosquito abatement district department, and he said that they've got a call that I have a very large planter in my backyard with free-standing water. I said, well no, it's actually a koi pond, and I've got fish, including mosquitofish, and water pumps in there.
He wanted to check it out, so I said fine.
I directed him to my back yard, and I met him back there.
We didn't even have to go all the way to the ponds, he could see the mosquitofish from the patio. As we did get closer, though, he mentioned that they looked healthy, very healthy.
I could tell he was satisfied right then and there that there was no problem in my back yard. I noticed that he looked around the yard a bit, scanning to see if I had anything else that may contain free-standing water. I don't.
We got to talking a bit about the animal troubles in the one smaller pond. He thought raccoons. Same thought as me. He had never seen the scarecrow device that I had just gotten (the motion detector with a sprinkler head on it). He thought it was clever and had talked about visiting other homes with ponds where the people ended up putting cages over their ponds to protect them, and said they always took away from the visual aesthetic of the yard.
He left. I know that he had to write up a report of what he found, just because he had to be sent out there after a phone call. I'll get a good grade! :)
Now then, let's see here. Who could it have been that made the call? Oh, maybe my nosy bitch of a neighbor lady? Yeah, that sounds like something she'd do. Always calling the authorities first instead of just coming over and asking me herself. She always has her son come over to trim my bushes when the branches start to flow over onto "her side." While there is nothing I can do legally about that, I have made it aware to her that if my bushes are such a nuisance, let me know and I can have the people who take care of my yard take care of it. They're a lot faster and a lot neater than her son. He keeps turning the motor to the saw off and on every few seconds, because she has to keep interupting him to ask some stupid question. Same when he comes over to mow her lawn. Lawnmower on, lawnmower off, lawnmower on, lawnmower off...
Just fucking get it done! That's always what wakes me up is the constant on/off. I don't even wake up anymore when my yard people come because they get in, do the job, and then get out.
Anyway, I'm going to go over there and tell her if her nosy body has any other things about my property she wants to know about, ask me first or mind her own fucking business.
I don't bother her, so I would ask the same from her.

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