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I was tagged by anahata_adaro, who says, "Please tell us 20 random things about yourselves. Keep track of how many minutes you take, and tag that many people to perform this exercise themselves."

Starting time - 5:16

01. I used to build computers from scratch.
02. I love physics.
03. I disagree with the Big Bang Theory.
04. I disagree with most religeons interpretation of who or what God is.
05. I am interested in just about everything to do with movie making.
06. I am 200cm == two meters == approx. 6'6" tall, so stop asking.
07. I can't photograph buildings or landscape very well.
08. I do not look at a woman's breasts to determine if she is attractive.
09. I don't like dogs.
10. I rarely turn on the A/C in the Summer.
11. Both of my pinkies are crooked.
12. I have visited over half the States in our Union.
13. I don't like anything to do with Apple Computer.
14. I like anchovies.
15. I don't like canned peas.
16. I put salt on most of my foods.
17. I don't eat enough fruits/veggies.
18. I think pregnant women are sexy.
19. I don't hold grudges.
20. I don't like meme's.

End time - 5:25
That makes nine people I have to tag (sorry, I tried to go faster!) (it's going to take me longer to post this just because I'm looking to tag people who may actually read and do this meme, I don't suspect many of you will...

altenra, azfiregirl, christina1973, meredith, miztinsel, projectx, slutbunwalla, unamericangirl, zenmondo
Sorry to the new people I've just met who I've added here. I personally don't like memes (see #20!), but I thought it might be an interesting way to get to know a little more about you--if you even do this.
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