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Now that I have decided I'm going to try to make movies, I find that ideas are not coming to me. Normally, my head is at a constant whir of thoughts and ideas that could easily be put into story form. But my muse must have decided it was now time for her own vacation. heh

As I mentioned earlier, I want to start out with short movies, something along the line of 5 minutes or so, that I can easily upload to the web and people can view online. As I get better at editing and sound, I can move to longer and more complex projects.

I thought about taking out my old short stories that I've submitted to magazines and creative writing classes, but most of those would be too long for me to use as my first attempts. Knowing what little I do about making movies, I've also figured that the majority of those short stories would probably cost me anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 to make, and would probably all be a minimum of 15 or 20 minutes. That's a little high for how I want to start out... those could probably be my projects a little later.

Someone had suggested shooting a documentary. Well, although relatively cheap, those need to have some length to be any good. Even a pseudo documentary, or whatever those movies are called that look like documentaries, but are really just movies, still need to be longer than I want to work on in the beginning.

Another suggestion was made for making horror movies. That's not a bad idea. Those can be made relatively cheaply, and can be short, as well. There's almost an abundant amount of ways this can be done. There's the slasher type, where someone kills cute innocent girls screaming their heads off instead of just RUNNING away! hehehe Then there's the monster genre; some creature either knowingly or not killing the inhabitants of Earth. There's also the psychological thriller. Strange substance in the air. Meteor disaster. Medical experiment gone wrong. Almost anything goes!

I think that, perhaps, my muse was just on a lunch break.

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