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I'm finding the attitude of our country totally disgusting.
The Democrats blame the Republicans, and the Republicans are blaming the Democrats for what is happening in New Orleans.
As if it's a person's fault that there was a hurricane.
"The governor of Louisiana didn't evacuate soon enough."
Sorry, I heard about the evacuation process as I was heading out to Burning Man, before the hurricane struck. Louisiana has one of the best evacuation plans in the country. I don't think anyone realized that the storm was going to be any worse than any other that has ever hit that state.
"We're not getting aid to New Orleans fast enough."
We had to figure out what kind of aid was needed, first. I doubt the local governments there realized that the storm was going to knock out the majority of their drainage pumps.
If you're so upset about the lack of aid getting there, why don't you get your asses out of the chair in front of the TV set and go do something, instead of just sitting there watching the reports and complaining.
It's not the President's fault, he has people who take care of these things for him. His job is simply to be updated on the situation and report it as our public leader. When a total monetary amount passes in front of him, he can decide if it's enough, or if more or less needs to be given to the appropriate agencies.
The government of Louisiana has said the first state to offer aid was California. I'm glad I live in California. I'm not trying to put down any other state. I've been to most of them, and I love all of them so far, whether you're red or blue. You're all part of what makes this nation so great! But it doesn't make sense to blame the Republicans when our own governor is from that party, and was praised for offering aid so quickly.
And don't blame the Democrats, either, as those are the workers who are doing most of the salvage and clean-up, the actual dirty-work.
Don't blame anyone, you're just wasting time.
If you don't think we're working fast enough, get up and help!

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