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One of my goals after I returned from Burning Man this year was to start making movies.
My plan is to make some short movies that I can post on the internet (ranging in length from about 5 to 15 minutes long), then moving up to short features (approx. 30 minutes) which can be shown at film festivals. Within a couple of years, if everything goes well, I can start making feature-length (1 to 2 hrs.).
That's the idea, anyway.
I've been looking on e-bay for movie cameras, although I'm going to start out with digital video. I'm just looking to give me an idea what to look forward to. I'm not going to be able to process my own movie film like I used to process my pictures before I moved to digital, so I have to learn a lot about what kinds of movie film is out there, and where I can get it done, and hope there at least someone local that I can send it to (San Francisco, Sacramento, etc) (On a side note, Sacramento now has a full-sized movie studio where one small company has just wrapped up finishing their first feature film--which also happens to be the first feature film filmed at the studio. They're going into post production now.)
I wonder if George Lucas' company in Marin County helps out wannabe independent movie makers--after all, GL is the king of independence in the movie field.

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