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Why is it Bible Thumpers come knocking on the door at the times when you don't have time to get into a nice little debate with them?
After citing a couple of examples of why I think the Bible is science-fiction and the two men not understanding what they were in reference to, I sent them on their merry way stating they obviously hadn't read the Bible in depth enough to hold a decent conversation. Not to mention that I'm trying to get the rest of my shopping done today, get the last bits and pieces of things packed, etc.
Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with people believing in God, or Allah, or even Queen Maab, and any of the other deities, prophets, and whomever you want to include in this list.
But going around and preaching that one specific book is the ultimate in truth and wisdom???
Here, let me pull a random book from my shelves... ah, how about this: The Naked Ape. Or this one: Contact. No? Alright, how about The Satanic Verses? The Dictionary? OOP using C++? Breeding Fresh Water Fishes? Star Wars? Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Ahhh! Gulliver's Travels!
I mean, every single one of those has merit. Yes, even the dictionary. Some of them you really have to extend your imagination on how it could work, but it's possible.
I'm also not saying that you shouldn't read the Bible. Every book, even the bad ones, deserves to be read (I'm not saying that the Bible is bad in this sentence, I'm just including the bad books when I say 'every book') The Bible does hold its own with its merit, thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. But, it is not the end-all. That's all I'm saying.
Okay, I gotta stop ranting, and go to the store...

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