The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote,
The Digital Shutterbug

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Sleepy sleepy sleepy
but I can't fall asleep
I'm not used to sleeping at night
and now that I get a chance to, I can't

I think part of it has to do with trying to remember to pack everything
Just as sleep approaches, suddenly something pops into my head that I have to remember to get or do
(more sunscreen, pack shaving and contact stuff, put lights back on bike, etc)

I think I'm going to invent the word ekt, making fun of all those people who not only don't know how to spell etc, but don't realize that it's the abbreviation for et cetera (two words!)
technically, it should be italic... it is Latin, after all

don't you just love it when I don't capitalize words and omit periods at the ends of sentences?

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