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Insurance companies are sure a pain in the ass.
So, my main insurance company calls me around 11:30, of course, waking me up.
The called to tell me that there was a problem (when isn't there with them? are insurance people just ditzes who always have to mess up the paper work? or are they just trained to lie to you and the paper work mistake doesn't get discovered until several months later, of course, probably making any other contracts null and void?)
The biggest problem here is actually that one company will go through another company for paper work, and that second company uses a different bank for its contracts.
Actaully, it's more complicated than that, as I am finding out right now, none too happy for having been taken away from my slumber.
The gist of the matter is is that I'm trying to switch from one home owner's insurance to another.
Paperwork that I signed several months ago (last May, I believe) was supposed to take care of everything.
This is, of course, the reason that I am now awake and calling my mortgage company's bank, my new insurance, and the old insurance companies.
I thought I had signed that paper just to avoid all of this.
Anyone else got a razor-bladed dildo they want to shove up my ass while I'm here?

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