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So, in honor of LJ's 8 millionth user account, the staff created at mosaic picture of Frank the goat by using 2400 user pics from throughout LJ.
Here's the little version:

Here's a link to the BIG version (okay, it's not really all that big... just bigger:

I didn't really expect to see anyone's user pic of someone I know, at least not right away.
But it was really amazing that not only did I find one I know, but it was almost the very first one I saw!
Granted, there may be quite a few people out there using Harry Potter pictures, so this may not actually have been projectx's user pic, but it is a pic that she uses.
You may need a zoom-in tool to look at the pictures.
Very top row.
Second picture from the left... you could just say the second picture!
I hope they grabbed this from projectx, because that would just be way cool.

Anyway, LJ staff is turning that mosaic into a poster, gonna sign it, and give it to the 8 millionth user. Damn, I hope it's not just some spammer.

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