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goin' nuts trying to get things ready and packed, yet still get my sleep in and avoid calling in sick just for a few extra precious hours to work on projects...
I've got a couple of costumes to make... maybe I'll pawn those off on my mom... hmmm shit, I forgot to buy thread and black polyester grrrr
spent two hours outside cutting up firewood for my outdoor fireplace/firepit (it's not really a firepit, although that's what it says on the box)... I think I only have enough wood for one night... that'll have to do... just have to decide which night.
got the black liner for my grey water evaporator thingy
got some plastic palm and banana trees to put near camp, make it look slightly tropical, with some cheap leis to give out to passers by... too bad we can't dig fire pits out there, I could have a luau and cook the pig underground like everyone else! alas
things are actually coming together, even though it looks like a disaster... I can't really pack anything into the truck right now, 'cause I'm sure people will take stuff out when I'm parked at the hospital in the middle of the night. so the generator, tents, trees, etc, all has to wait. I could probably put things like boxes of clothing in there... *shrugs* maybe the food utensils I will need (I'm always forgetting something!)
well, I need to take a shower, and get some sleep in before I go to work tonight.

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