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So, in the past few months, I've noticed more and more Afros.
At first, I just thought it was a night-time thing.
But when I went clothes shopping just now, I'm seeing Afros everywhere.
I guess the Afro hairstyle is coming in again.
At the phase it's at now, it looks good.
Not everyone is doing it, just a few scattered here and there.
But there are more and more.
I wonder if sideburns are going to be coming back. I've noticed a few guys wearing 70's style 'burns in the past couple of years, but never enough to really think that it was going anywhere.
And the bellbottom pants didn't fare too well when their comeback a few years ago was started.
So driving home from JCPenneys, I see this guy who had a 'fro with hair at least 6 inches long, so it looked huge.

So, why the hell was I at JCPenneys anyway?
I needed some new shirts and pants for work.
It's easy enough to find myself shirts, I always get the extra large tall variety.
Finding pants, however, is another issue.
Now, I realize that when stores advertize Big and Tall, the "and" combines the "big" to the "tall." So, they're not refering to big guys and tall guys... they are talking about tall guys who are also big guys.
But they still can't get the sizes for those of us who are tall and skinny.
So, in the pants sizes, I see waste of 50 inches (!!) with a 32 inch inseam. 32 inches! That's supposed to be tall? WTF! And why the hell does someone have a 50 inch waste line? Okay, too big around the waste, and too short in the inseam. The guy wearing that must be ball shaped!
Then I find some other pants which are the correct waste, 36 inches, but the inseam is like 42 inches. Okay, this guy must be like eight feet tall! And at that height, his waste is super skinny! Of course, there are the pants with the same inseam, but meant for the really fat eight foot man, the 50 inch wasteline.
I just need some fucking 36/36s.
Finally found two pair. Not exactly the colors I want, but at this point, I can't be too choosy. They'll still go with the shirts (barely). I really could have used four pairs of pants... so here I'm buying two pair of pants, and six shirts.
Oh well, at least I have a little more variety for work clothes. And people tend to notice the shirts more than the pants, anyway.

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