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Haven't completely decided as of yet, but this may be my last time home.
Having gone since '98, I have met quite an assortment of amazing people.
The Man has helped me throughout the years realize that much of the bullshit that goes on in our day to day lives is exactly that. And I don't have to deal with it if I don't want to.
Now that I can afford it, I plan on doing something about my experiences and inspirations found out there in little ol' Black Rock City.
I have always had an open mind about things, but the open door is no longer just a door, it is a portal.
I have never had the dream to become rich and famous, but I have always wanted to be successful. I always figured if rich and famous came along for the ride, I wouldn't mind. Now, at 37, it is time to start working on my dream. I may not be rich, but now I can afford to work on all that I need to do to become successful.

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