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Most of you may not know this about me.
I am very against 16 year olds driving.
Part of it deals with the federal gov't not allowing anyone under 18 using food cutting and other food prep machines in restaurants for fear of cutting off a finger or something; but yet a 16 year old can drive and get into an accident and kill someone and it's not as bad.
Of course, this thinking comes from someone who learned how to drive when he was 10, mostly because his mom was afraid that someday she'd have something happen and wanted to be sure her kids knew how to take over the wheel if she just happened to be driving.
Here I am, 37 now... and still nothing has happened to her while driving.
So what happened last night?
Why was a 16 year old driving in the middle of the night, anyway?
And on a known dangerous road... one which has taken the lives of some very experienced drivers at that.
And why were her younger brothers and sister in the car?
Everyone except the 16 year old driver made it out of the car. She ended up drowning in the river they flipped into.
From what it sounds like, she didn't know how to react when hitting gravel, but we're not quite sure what really happened out there... in the middle of the night.
This is why 16 year old should not be driving.

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