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Astronomers have finally discovered another planet in our Solar System. That makes 9. (I don't count Pluto as a planet, because it is too small, and is actually two rocks orbitting each other.)
The plane of this new planet's orbit is at an angle to the average of the rest of the planets, which made finding it a little more difficult. Its distance from the sun is also considerable at roughly three times the current distance Pluto is now, which is about 9 billion miles.
The mass is roughly 1.5 to 3 times that of Pluto... so, in my opinion, it may also be too small to be considered a planet.
Astronomers are still debating whether or not Pluto should keep its planet designation, especially since many objects of roughly the same size have been discovered at near the same distance as Pluto's outer-most distance, making it more like a distant asteroid.
Scientists still have not agreed upon a name, although only one has thus far been submitted.
Once again, I think we should wait until they can decide whether its mass is sufficient to consider it a planet, and also think about Pluto's fate, before deciding on a name.

Can you name the planets in order from proximity to the sun outwards without looking it up on the net or in a book? I can... I'll help you out a bit:
Okay, okay, and P


In other news:
Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer will be returning to "The Simpsons" to reprise roles.


In other other news:
My last post has pictures of me with my new photography prop for future projects.

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