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Just got back from watching War of the Worlds...

So far, for this Summer, I've seen:
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Kingdom of Heaven
Batman Begins
War of the Worlds

So far, the best of those four movies, even with its corny as hell dialogue, has got to be Star Wars.
Although the special effects for WotW was better than the original (duh, look at when it was made!), the first movie was a lot scarier and more suspenseful.
KoH took forever before you actually knew what was going on.
I can't even describe why I was disappointed with BB, because I'm not quite sure why I came out feeling cheated.
I hope some of these upcoming Summer movies are worth going to see.

Saw the preview for King Kong... even that doesn't thrill me. I'll still go see it, but...

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