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Went to San Francisco on Sunday instead of San Diego, like originally planned, for a birthday party. My friend, Rhonda, turned 30!
Got caught up trying to work my way around the Gay Pride Parade to get to the hotel. Fortunately, I know S.F. well enough that it was just a minor hinderance for me rather than a major one like I saw in so many other visitor's cars (people taking out maps of downtown and trying to figure out all the one-way streets that can get you going to places you don't want to be). It was just a matter of finding a street that would allow me to cross Market rather than turn onto it and end up IN the parade.
By the time everyone was awake, the parade was pretty much over, but we still ran down to Market to do all sorts of shopping and play with the people who still remained.
Went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on top of Macy's. Then went to the top of Tower 1 of the Hilton and danced with a 360 degree view of San Francisco out the windows.

Yesterday, we drove down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. I took the Pacific Coast hwy because I knew my friend Shelley loves lighthouses, and there's a nice one at Pigeon Point which she had never been to.
I took my camera with me for the trip, but I had forgetten to take it with us when we went shopping, dancing, and when we spent the day on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, but I did have it with us at Pigeon Point, so I'm posting a couple of pictures from there.

(l. to r. -- Rhonda and Shelley)

(Rhonda and me, giving our Hawai'ian wave)

(Shelley and me)

My face is sun-burned now. :(

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