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workin' like a fiend to try to get the house cleaned up
rearranged my computer room so that the desk was no longer sitting in front of one of the windows (helps for when the window people ever call me back and schedule the installation)
gonna move the old computer into the garage... almost never use it, and I don't recall any pictures on there that I haven't already moved to this one... not sure about programs... but, if I haven't used them by now, I doubt I ever will again anyway!
the computer room has a lot more room in it now that the second computer is no longer hooked up... it's still in here, but knowing it's not gonna be for much longer, and I can already see the space.

when I open up the garage to put the computer away, I think I'm gonna start haulin' some of the stuff that's been piling up in my back yard, as well... stuff like planks, empty planters, and the ice-chest. then my back yard will also look like there's more room!

but, I'm tired... was a busy night at work... jumped on here to make sure all my computer connections were put back together correctly... looks like it!

oh, and hey, did I tell you I have a penis?

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