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It's really funny to which posts you (those of you on my friends list, and random journal readers) reply.

I talk about physics, almost nothing (I kind of expect that, as physics isn't very popular).
I post pictures of naked girls, and I get a small trickle (I thought that at least the guys here would be excited about that!).
I post something on how milk is bad for you, and I get swamped!

There's something wrong here!

I'm going to be adding some more albums to my website. Last year, anahata_adaro and I did several shoots for Suicide Girls. I'll be posting the shoots that we ended up not submitting for one reason or another. No, they're not out-takes, they'll be almost the entire shoot, minus the blurry ones, repeated poses, and shots which show flowering labia. Lots of nude fire-play and candle wax, though!

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