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I've been thinking a lot more about some of the things that I want to accomplish in life.
When I was a kid, I had always wanted to be a movie stuntman. The biggest problem I had was that I kept growing. The majority of stuntmen are actually pretty short, usually no more than 5'6". Well, I've past that by a foot, so I wouldn't make a good stunt double, except for really tall actors.
But, as I watched more and more movies, and especially the behind-the-scenes footage and makings-of documentaries, and listed to director/producer/actor commentaries, especially now that DVDs are so popular, my interest has sky-rocketing into filming and directing, and probably even writing screenplays.
Lately, especially because of my photography experience and my finanial situation improving, my interest in this field is growing at an alarming rate. My muses are sending me ideas faster than I can write them all down... and the bad thing about that is that I'm forgetting some of the things that I would be interested in doing. Fortunately, I had taken several creative writing classes when I was in college, and have quite a number of short stories that could easily be put onto film, so even if I have a lack of ideas now (which I don't), I could always dig up some from my past.
I'm not looking to become another Kevin Smith or anything like that... I just want to tell stories in motion picture format. I couldn't care less if I became rich and famous. But I would like to be recognized.
But to get started, I'd need a LOT of help. Although my money situation is good, I'm not too sure if I'm willing to risk all that I have quite yet. I also don't have any connections, nor do I know how to go about getting them. Auditioning actors wouldn't be too hard... I've been involved in enough of those from my drama days (and I auditioned for one movie a number of years ago) to get the basic gist of how to look for someone to be in front of the screen.
With the equipment that I do have, I could start off simply, making short internet movies. This would also start getting me the experience to know what really would work and what wouldn't (having not gone through film school to get those things taught to you).
Someday... someday...

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