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The new windows are ordered, but there's a small delay due to the increased business. It'll probably be about three weeks before I can get them installed. Two weeks for the windows to come in, plus a bit longer to catch up to my place in line.
I'm also replacing my air-conditioning system entirely. The one I have now is only a 3 seer, the new one I'm getting is a 13 seer, so that's supposed to really help with my energy consumption, too.
I'm having the air-conditioner and the windows replaced on the same day, that way I only lose one day of sleep, instead of two.
The windows are going to cost me about $5,500 and the new AC another $5,000 (central heat and air is pretty expensive! I'm glad I only need one of the smaller units, geesh!).
With that and the new truck, I think I'll be done spending money for a while.

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