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In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent typing out words in chat and on blogs, users are abbreviating words to one letter. This began in the days of the BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) that had chat capability. If someone had to get off the computer for a brief time, but didn't want to log off because they would be right back, they'd type brb or afk (be right back, away from keyboard). This was only partly due to the time constraints of logging back in (you must remember, we used to use a modem and a telephone to logon to these places). A three-letter phrase could also transmit faster than a thirteen letter phrase (you have to count the spaces, too, as that's a valid character for a computer).
As the popularity of abbreviated more and more phrases rose, especially by those who don't actually know how to type, the abbreviations became longer and got more complicated.
So now it seems that the abbreviated phrases are also getting abbreviated.
No longer will you see:
omgwtfbrblol (say your cat just knocked something off the counter)
Now that is turned into:
The O represents the entire "omgwtf" while the plus sign indicates your return, and the semi-colon represents the winking eyes of the emoticon, indicating amusement of one form or another.
R; could then mean rotflol
Instead of saying lmirl, two people who are really interested in getting together for an extra-internet affair could type M+^, where the M means the same as lmirl, and the +^ indicates a coupling of bodies (the + in this instance refers to the cross under the circle of the sign meaning woman, and the ^ is the arrow thingy on the symbol for male).
The plus symbol has a few other meanings that would confuse most novices. For example, the phrase WWJD can be represented by the cross that is the +. If it is a question, you simply type "+?". But if you're telling them WWJD (die on the cross) it's just a simple +.


This post is not real, it is merely the deranged ramblings of a man who is sexually repressed and has nothing better to think about. If you take this post seriously, then you are in just as bad of shape as I am. If that's the case, M+^
I mean hey! +?

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