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pop-up blockers suck ass!
companies are finding faster ways around the filters than you can set them.
i can't even look at livejournal without at least one or two popping up now.
and it's worse because on the sites that i click a link to purposefully open a new window, it won't!
i have to right click and say open link, or tell my pop-up blocker to temporarily allow pop-ups.
i can tell it to allow pop-ups from certain sites, too, but then i start getting a barage of ads for ipods and new laptops, plus penis-size enhancers (do i really need that?), or what have you.
i also use noadware to clean out my computer every other day of adware and cookies, is there anything better i can use?
i need to get rid of my e-mail address on my website, too, because i'm getting a shitload of spam on a daily basis, and i'm sure that some of it is due to website scanning robots.


In other news, there is no other news.

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