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Sometimes I hate work.
Sometimes I love it.
Biggest problems seem to be that it's either too busy, or too slow.
People keep saying how it's such easy money on slow nights.
But it also bores you to tears and takes forever to go by.
When it's too busy, there's all that frustration of trying to catch up.
I really like it when it's busy enough to keep me moving, but not overwhelming.
But those nights are very seldom, and very far between.
This past week has been that of too slow.


There are several girls who I'm interested in right now, and not a single one of them knows it.
Three of them are from work, or work-related positions.
Remember that red-head who was training to be a paramedic?
I still see her from time to time.
There's a nurse who works in OB/GYN who's a cutie, but I only get to talk to her when she's getting a woman about to go into labor out of the E.R. -- so not much time for conversation.
There's another nurse in the E.R. who just moved up here from the San Diego area with some of her friends (why they chose Stockton, I have no idea!). I'm getting conflicting vibes from her... she's really touchy-feely with me, but I can't seem to reciprocate or get her to do outside activities.
Actually, there is a fourth from work, but her new-found love of Jesus after her last break-up is a little hard to swallow. This is really weird, because my best friend has completely opposite beliefs and ideals than I do, yet we get along great. Her interest in the occult doesn't bother me in the least, although it's nothing that I have an interest in, nor have even tried to comprehend.
I wish I didn't still have fragments of my shell surrounding me. Yes, I'm still pretty shy when it comes to trying to get to know new people.

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