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So, we're in the late beginning stages of the Earth's magnetic field reversing. According to the evidence, this is a regular occurence, happening on average about every 200,000 years. The last time it happened was over 700,000 years ago. We're long over-due.
It takes the Earth about 1,000 years to reverse polarity. The process began about 3 or 4 hundred years ago.
So, what's happening?
The Earth's magnetic field has been slowly decreasing over this time, with several "packs" of opposing poles appearing, especially in the South Atlantic. If you were to take a compass to that area, chances are good that it would not point North... at least, not the North we typically think of... it still points to the strongest magnetic north, but depending on where you are in the South Atlantic, that could be East, West, or even South!
During the most violent part of the polarity reversal, there will be north and south magnetic poles all over the Earth. Because of this, there will be no real magnetisphere surrounding the Earth, and cosmic rays from the sun will be able to better penetrate the atmosphere.
Scientists estimate that there will be a rise in the death rate due to cancer because of this, but it will not be devestating to the human race. Of course, scientists are conservative with things like this, so their estimate of a doubling of cancer cases may be a bit small... let's think of a quadrupling. Don't worry, this won't happen in our life-times. It takes a good thousand years or so for the magnetic poles to switch. So, it's your grandchildrens' children who have to worry, and only if they haven't figured out a way to live in protective bio-domes or somesuch.
The fascinating this about this occurence is that you should be able to see auroras (aurori?) almost anywhere on the planet. Imagine stepping outside and seeing the glowing sky every night of the year. Several generations of people will have this experience. Once the magnetic poles start to stablize, this will all go away, though.
The Nova shows didn't address these, so I have a few questions and thoughts:
Is there any relationship between the polarity shift and ice-ages? I don't remember the "dates" of the ice ages, nor do I remember how long they lasted.
Could this "global warming" everyone is so afraid of be due more to this magnetic phenomenon than to human means. I'm not saying that humans shouldn't be held accountable if there really is a global warming going on, but if it's a natural event, and actually quite common, geologically speaking, then all we are doing is speeding it up ever so slightly.
And what about the ozone holes everyone is in such upheaval over? Once again, can't all these things be related, if not inter-related?
We have been long over-due for quite a few things... the next ice-age, this magnetic reversing, the "big-one" (earthquake) here in California.
Have you noticed that there has been an increase in volcanic activity by some mountains which have remained dormant for thousands of years?
Everyone has to remember that the Earth's crust is actually moving. That's why we have earthquakes and such. Everyone is stumped by the apparent increase in tornado activity in Central California these past few years (we've hade more tornadoes in the Central Valley (13) than the entire state of Oklahoma (12) this past year.). Could it be that North America has shifted just enough to cause just enough difference in weather patterns to cause such a phenomenon? Possibly.
And remember the earthquake that caused the tsunami the after x-mas? Scientists have said that that earthquake was powerful enough that it actually slowed the spin of the Earth on its axis (I know that's redundant, but I just want to be clear). Our days are now about 0.005 seconds longer than they were the day before the quake.
Everyone needs to remember that life is evolving. Whether you believe in God or not: In fact, if you do, you should be thinking that this is part of his plan. He didn't make us perfect from the very beginning, but instead wants us to evolve towards that point. If you can't think this, then your god is not as powerful as you want him to be, and you've been living a mind-fuck all this time. The days of Adam and Eve are not yet over, we are still just biting into that proverbial fruit of knowledge. It's up to us whether we incur the sentence of death because of that knowledge, or if we learn to use it properly. The judgement is still yet to come.
Okay, enough about your feeble God... this post was supposed to be about the Earth's magnetic field reversing and questioning what may or may not be related... and I've pretty much already done that, so this post is pretty much finished.

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