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Woke up at 6 this morning coughing. This time not because of allergies and whatnot... but apparently, I must've aspirated (inhaled) some saliva. Yuck. So I start coughing... and then started getting an asthma attack.

So I get up for a while... I see that Gnomie has her cam up, but I can't get anything to load. *sigh*

Then I try to go back to bed (I've only been asleep like 4 hours). Each time I start to doze, Patches keeps kicking me. It happens about 3 times, then I realize why... I'm not breathing!
WTF! She was kicking me so that I'd start breathing again.

Today was supposed to be some sort of rest day for me... guess that's not really going to happen. I think I'll go make an omelette... the one that ee had earlier sounded good. Yes, I am very hungry right now...

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