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How come things are "out 'of' order" when broken, but not "in 'of' order" when fixed?
We say, "get out 'of' my way!," but not, "you're in 'of' my way!"
We attach 'of' to 'out', but don't make it one word: outof.
We attached 'to' to 'in' and made it one word: into.
'Of' is a preposition, but so are both 'in' and 'out.'
"In the house" and "out the door" are both prepositional phrases.

We also have at least one contraction that doesn't use the apostophe.
None. Short for 'not one' and 'no one'.
"None of us is going to the store."
You noticed how I bolded 'is'?
That's because you don't say, "none of us are..."
None is the subject, not us.
We don't say, "Us are going to the store."
'Of us' is a prepositional phrase, so you ignore it when conjugating a verb.
"None is going to the store," or, "No one is going to the store."
If you add the 'of us' back in, and parse out the 'none', you get:
"Not one of us is going to the store."
One (or none) is singular, so use the third person singular format when conjugating. Even with:
"None of the flowers in the gardens near the castles is blooming yet."
Of, in, and near are all prepositions and create prepositional phrases, ignore them. The flowers, gardens, and castles are not the subjects of that sentense. "None" is. "Not one is blooming yet."

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