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Apparently, this week is the Cambodian New Year... at least so I'm told by one of my Cambodian co-workers.
She had asked if I had wanted to with her to some of the events today and out dancing tonight. But she was starting to get sick last night, and she must've gotten worse, because she didn't even call. It would have been cool to check out some of the stuff, but I have no idea where anything is taking place, so I didn't want to go alone. I mean, it's not the end of the world if I don't go.


I finally ended up joining model mayhem. I saw the site about a week ago, and was debating whether I should or not; then tonight I just said screw it and did. My user number is 1850, if anyone cares. You probably don't, so just move along.


I turned in my paperwork for my home equity line of credit today. It looks promising.
My mom and aunt estimated that my house is worth about $300K (I bought it almost 3 yrs ago for 150). My sister said she thought it was about 210. The loan officer at the credit union who was taking care of me and one of her co-workers both said it might be about 250 with the way the market has gone and the information I gave them. We'll have to wait to see what the (computerized) assessor says. Even at 210, that's still about $70K line of credit. I wouldn't know how to spend that much money! I asked for 60, knowing that the new truck I want will be about 30 to 35K. Then I might use a little bit more for a few home improvements (new windows, refinish the floors, etc).


I need to hurry and buy my Burning Man ticket.


I'm also still waiting for my photo-set to be posted on Suicide Girls. I'm sure the model will get in contact with me when she hears of anything.

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