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huh? an update? really?
not much of one, i'll be the first to admit.
i finally got some sleep.
last week from sunday night to friday morning, i probably had a grand total of six hours of sleep, and it wasn't for lack of trying... even sleeping pills and benadryl didn't help.
i was off friday night, so i had no reason to worry about being up at a certain time, or anything, so i suppose that when i got home from work friday morning, all that lack of sleep just came rushing at me.
i slept from ten a.m. 'til about one a.m. saturday morning. fifteen hours of sleep!
i sure felt a helluva lot better. -- although i did miss out on whatever happened friday. oh well.

keep tuned in, i might just rant and bitch about my friends in my next post... or not; i haven't really decided.

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