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sick sick

I've been in bed the past couple of days. My sinus problems migrated into my ear, and I've had a serious ear infection. I lost complete hearing in my left ear; and when you can only hear in one ear, it sounds like everyone is mumbling. Now I understand what elderly people are going through when they say it sounds like you're mumbling, because that's exactly what it sounds like. You need both ears for more than just hearing in stereo. Each ear hears different tones in different ways. This is not an accidental thing. All animals are like this, evolving (or created, if you follow that path) to hear slightly differently in each ear to get a better representation of where something is located by its sound. How do you think bats and owls are so good at hunting at night? They have eyes and can see (yes, bats are not completely blind), but their sense of sound is so highly developed that they can pinpoint their prey by sound alone.
Missing the sense of sound in just one ear makes the world seem two-dimensional, aurally speaking; just like if one is blind in one eye, the world seems flat visually (our depth perception is purely because our brains combine the pictures from both eyes into one--hence three-dimensional vision).
As I stay home in bed on my weekend off, taking the antibiotics prescribed, but not yet completed, I notice that my hearing is slowly returning. At this point, it feels like my ear is plugged up, and I keep catching myself tilting my head, reflexively, to try to drain it of the fluid that isn't in there.
The first couple of days, it was actually painful to the point of annoying. No wonder little kids cry and claw at their ear when they get infections in their ears.
I've only had one other ear infection that I can recall. It wasn't the same that time, with the only symptom being dizziness. I did get a little dizzy this time, but nowhere near the same magnitude as that other time. If I had ear infections as a child, I don't remember them.
So, for the most part, I've just been spending my time in bed with the phone off the hook. I don't want to talk to anyone right now. I had to get up to go to the store; the kitties were out of food, and I wanted some snacks. I also have a sh*t-load of laundry that I'm trying to get done.

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