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Another long night at work... but it's over!
Woo hoo!
Tomorrow... I'm going to just relax.
Then pay some bills.
Clean the house.

One of the ultra-sound techs brought in a little tiny kitten tonight. Either someone had left it in front of her door, or it had wandered off, or the mother left it because it may have been the runt of a litter (according to a vet). She's only about a week old... the eyes aren't even open. But she moves around a lot, and she suckles from a bottle just fine.
And I know she's a girl because she's a calico kitten. Calicos cats are always female. If you find one that's male, even if you absolutely despise cats, hold onto him, he's worth a ton of money... calicos are female.
She has a lot of growing up to do in the next 5 weeks... but if she makes it, she should be fine.

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