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More frustration

I am getting real tired of all the Mexican families that move here and can't speak a word of English.
Now, before any of you who don't know me start going off on me about being biggoted or whatever, just keep your fingers still until you read all of this...
No, I am not against Mexicans.
I don't like that some of them come here to America and can't speak a single word of English. I'm not talking about the ones who stumble in half sentences and conjugated the words incorrectly... hey, at least they're trying to communicate. In fact, those are the ones that I have no problem speaking Spanish to (I speak Spanish, German, and a little Russian). It's specifically the ones who do not even try to learn. I don't want them to lose their culture... I have no problem with them speaking their native language when they're around others that speak it... but if they're going out in public where English is the primary language, could they at least try?
When I went to Germany, and I was just a tourist, mind you, I did try to speak German, and I got better at it. And I could tell that they appreciated that I went to the trouble to learn something; even though my accent must've thrown them off for a bit.
When I went to Mexico (after high school), I bargained with the shopkeepers in Spanish. I knew they could speak English, but I was in Mexico.
I don't know if this happens in the northern states that are next to the Canadian border where French is spoken, but I doubt it, because they do, indeed, speak English in Canada too.
Enough ranting... I have to go to work.

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