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Geez what a f'kin crappy weekend it has been at work.
Most of the patients in the ER were ortho cases -- that means broken bones, twists, sprains, etc.
And the ER doctors kicked our asses... ordering x-rays on just about every single patient there, so we were constantly an hour (usually longer) behind.
Fortunately, I have Tina working with me, she's as quick as I am--and I've been doing this 10 years, and she's only been doing it like 3 or something. But the other two. OMG! I think I need to put molasses on their feet to lubricate them to move faster! I mean an hour to do a 10 minute exam? Hello?
Today is my Friday. I hope things go better today.
At least Berl is back, and Marty too. Even though I bitch constantly about Marty; he has no social skills, a jerk, and egotistical, at least he gets up once-in-a-while to take x-rays. Tina's still here tonight. And Wade comes in at 7. He talks a lot, but he can get the job done too.

Okay... try to wake up.... gotta get ready for work... breath in breath out... relax

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