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Pillow fight!!!!!


If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help, you probably shouldn't be playing with the phone in the first place.


Ignore this sentence.


Alcohol abuse: Over the last couple of years of parties, any left-over bottles and cans of beer ended up sitting in a cooler in my back yard. It's not water-tight, so it would fill up during the rainy season, and get all mushy inside. This morning, I went out to start cleaning up some of the garbage that's been building up in the yard, including that cooler packed with old beer. Some of the bottle caps had literally rusted away and the beer had seeped out. Other bottles and cans exploded in a tirade as I tried opening them, spewing forth alcohol vomit all over my person. And other bottles and cans simply sighed into oblivion. I probably wasted two to three cases of alcohol. Now my lawn smells like a homeless bum spare-changing cars at the Jack In The Box drive thru.

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