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The full length trailer for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith is on its way, with a world premiere during an new episode of "The O.C" on FOX, Thursday, March 10th.

Seth Cohen, the resident Star Wars fan on "The O.C.", would be proud. The new episode airs at 8 pm ET/PT on FOX. During the broadcast, you'll be able to see the full trailer which features over two minutes of new Star Wars footage.

Those wanting to see the online debut of the Episode III trailer need to log in to Hyperspace. Members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club can begin watching the trailer after the television broadcast, at approximately 9pm PT. If you're not yet subscribed, click here.

For those who want to see the trailer on the big screen, it will be released in theaters on March 11, along with Robots, the new animated feature film from Twentieth Century Fox.

The trailer will next appear online for all users of on Monday, March 14, with a large screen version available only to Hyperspace subscribers arriving shortly after that date.

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