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Dear Italy

You know, if you're racing a car towards an American checkpoint in Iraq, and you fail to heed the warnings to stop when they give you plenty of signals to do so, of course they're going to fire on you.
If you're carrying a freed hostage, and you fail to slow down, even after warning shots have been fired, whose fault is it really that someone in the car gets killed?
I think that every ally knows our policy about checkpoints... we will fire at you if you do not slow down, or otherwise appear not to be stopping.
Just because our presence in Iraq has the weakest of reasons, and we're failing at finding Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan does not give you the right to complain about being shot at while racing a car towards our checkpoints without appearing like you're going to stop.
While the troops who fired may or may not have been aware (or should have been aware) that the freed hostage was in that car is another matter.
So stop yer bitchin!
If you want to protest your country's involvement in the war, that's great. But you can't use this as a valid reason. The driver was just as much at fault as the shooters.

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