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I guess I'm doomed never to grow Bird of Paradise plants.
When I went to Hawai'i two years ago, I brought back a bunch of seeds.
So far, I hadn't even had any luck in getting them to sprout.
A couple of weeks ago, I planted the last two seeds I had in a miniature greenhouse.
I keep the little greenhouse on the window sill right above my kitchen sink.
Several days ago, they actually started sprouting!
But last night, when I was washing dishes, the greenhouse got knocked into the dish pan, and the little sprouting flower pots dumped their contents all over the place (I had also planted cacti seeds as well, which weren't showing any signs of sprouting, but I'm not worried as much about them, because I still have more seeds for cacti).
The sprouts to the Bird of Paradise were still pretty small. I lost one completely in the mess of soil and dishwater. I was able to rescue the second, but I don't know if I actually saved it... guess I'll have to wait a week or so to see if the event wasn't too traumatic on it.
I've spent the last half hour online looking for more seeds.
Everyone keeps telling me I can get the seeds at the nursery or other stores that have gardening sections. Heh. I haven't found any anywhere.
It seems that the companies that have them for sale online either don't send them to California, or they're selling them for $10 for a package of 5. A package of 5 only cost me $1.50 when I was in Hawai'i.
It'd almost be easier just to wait 'til I go to Hawai'i again and buy more seeds then.
I'm going to head off to one more nursery today before work. Maybe I'll get lucky.

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