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Went down to the DMV today, because my driver's license had expired on my born-day.
California's DMV system has really improved over the last couple of years.
Five years ago, it would have taken several hours to go through a line, just to learn that you had been standing in the wrong line.
Now, you're assigned a number when you walk in, and when your number is called, the screen tells you which line to go in... which isn't a line, because only one person is at the counter; you!
Now that's all nice and everything, but I wouldn't've had to deal with it in the first place had I gotten my renewal notice in the mail.
Why didn't I get it? Because, when I bought my house 2 1/2 years ago, and sent in all my DMV paperwork for address change, the schmucks in Sacramento didn't type any of it in to the computers.
In the last couple of years, I've had to pay late charges on the registration of my truck, both boats (I sold one, so I only have one of those now), and the boat trailers when each of the license plate registrations expired. They all happened at different times, so I've actually been in the DMV quite a few times these last two years. Apparently, each time they would change my address for my truck or boat, that's the only thing they would change the address on... it didn't affect all the stuff that I need DMV registration for.
So, they probably did send out my renewal notice... just to the wrong address!
And, as the post office only forwards your mail for a year, who knows how much stuff has been sent to me at my old address in the last year or so.
The people at the DMV were really nice, today. Chipper even. I think the new system has helped out quite a bit.

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