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bizarre dreams of late:
yesterday, I had a spy-vs-spy type of dream.
I don't remember all of the details, because I didn't write them down when I woke up, but America and Russia were still in the Cold War (or were we in it again?). Some Russian General was trying to get a Russian nuke lobbed at his own country and make it look like it was America's and that we had started a nuclear war. I remember the dream being pretty detailed as far as sub-plots and double agents, and all sorts of other weird things, but, I don't actually remember the details... I should've written them down, I think they'd make for an interesting story... if it hasn't been done already... Sort of a cross between the Ben Affleck movies Paycheck and the one where he plays a spy when a nuclear bomb goes off in the U.S. (I don't remember the name of the movie) and the Matt Damon Bourne movies (without the loss of memory thing).
Anyway, this particular dream never got interupted, so I got to "see" the whole story. And also unlike a typical dream, it didn't shift to a completely different dream, yet still somehow make sense, like a lot of dreams can do.
My dream from today was a little different. I received some sort of weird religious device (looked like a magic wand) which is only supposed to be able to make its way around to direct descendants of the 12 apostles (or something like that). It doesn't give you any extra power, or anything like that, it is more like a status symbol, and it's telling the rest of the world that you have something to say, and it is now your turn. The people who get this thing are supposed to invite the prior "owner" to their home in a sort of bible-study ceremony. But one-on-one. But, people from the past who had possesion of this thing could still hold bible-study sessions with other people. This object allowed you to know when any of the next study sessions were going to take place, so I took a friend with me (someone from LJ who I haven't talked to in a while, but I did take pictures of her at one time). We went to San Francisco for one study... and it was weird, because I went completely naked, but ended up wrapping myself in two blankets left in her car, and no one at the bible-study seemed to notice.
I don't know why I keep calling it a bible study, because although some scripture is read, it's not really a study session more than just a gathering of people to talk about various religious teachings.
I partook in some of the activities, which were probably supposed to be some sort of rite of passage or baptism or something, although not in the way one would think, as they were set up more like games to play.
Somewhere in the middle of the dream, the girl who had taken me to S.F. turned into my mom. I remember the guy sitting next to me asked me "who is the atheist you brought?" To which I had to tell him I'm more atheist than she was, and he started laughing, as if I was trying to play a trick on him and he wasn't buying it, or something.
At the end of this session, when everyone finally wanted to know who the new person who had shown up tonight was (me), I admitted to them that I was the new barer of this sacred object. At which point they had asked me why I had partaken of the cerimonies/rituals/(games), as I didn't have to because of what this object meant. I was finally getting an understanding of what this thing was (although now that I'm awake, I don't really have a clue what that was), but I told the "congregation" that Jesus had himself baptized and didn't have to, so what makes me any different? They all thought about it for a second, then realized I was right, and had their respect.
This is when I woke up...

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