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My cold can't make up its mind whether it wants me to be sick, or if it wants to be resolved. I'll be miserable for a few hours, then feel pretty good for a few hours.
I went back to work last night, and am going back tonight, but I know it's going to be rough.
I'm getting myself all drugged up now, and will take stuff to last me through the night... at least, I hope it will.


My Aunt is heading off to help out with the tsunami survivors on Friday. She's a nurse, and has gone on all sorts of missions throughout the world, helping with medical needs. She didn't say how long she would be gone.


This section intentionally left blank.


I think I'm going to become a crotchety old pervert of a man, who likes to take pictures of young naked girls. Doesn't that sound like a good goal? Guess I better get started! hmmm, I should at least wait until I get over this cold!

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