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Story Time

Okay, this isn't really a game, but it's interactive, and can still be a lot of fun.
Below the cut, I have typed out several paragraphs, the beginning to a story.
Then you, the reader, become the writer.
Reply to the story by writing three to five more paragraphs.
Or, if there are already several threads, follow those along, and continue writing on one of the other paths.
You may add your own ideas to as many different threads as you like, as long as you don't try to push the same ideas in each thread (don't keep taking the character to the Brooklyn Bridge with thoughts of entertaining suicide, or some dipshit thing like that in every thread you continue).
One other thing, use original ideas... don't add characters from other books, TV shows, and movies. Same goes for plots and scenarios (Douglas Adams already did the Improbability Drive).
If you have a question about this, or just don't understand what is expected here, please do not ask questions in this post... use the next post for that.
All replies to this entry must continue the story that follows.
Rememeber, you can start a new thread, or continue reading other peoples' threads, and add your own to the end of one of those.


Little Lisa sat on the edge of her bed, thinking. She glanced towards different parts of the room, trying to remember the last time she saw it, thinking, it's got to be here, somewhere!
"I still can't find it!" yelled Lisa, out the door.
Her mom cried back, "Is it in the dresser; and did you check under your bed?"
Exasperated, Lisa flung her arms up in the air, went over to the dresser, and started rummaging through it, again.
After a thorough search there, she slinked back over to the bed and knelt down to peer underneath. She did not see what she was looking for, but she did find...

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