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Let there be light!

In Day 1 of Genesis, God had created the heaven and earth (notice the lower-case) and said, "Let there be light."
So, there you have the Big Bang, a massive explosion from one tiny point in space-time, spewing out googols of tons of hydrogen (if you don't know what a googol is, it is 10 raised to the power of 10 raised to the power of 100). Gravity brought these hydrogen atoms together, and when compacted closely enough, emense heat built up, finally igniting into a giant mass of fusion reactions, emitting light and heat.
The fusion, or combining of hydrogen nuclei created helium and other "heavy" elements, such as carbon, radon, etc. These "heavies" are ejected out into space when the primary stars finally explode.
But these heavies, and other hydrogen atoms are still drawn by gravity towards each other, and so a new star ignites, creating even more heavies.
So, now we have light and earth.
In Day 2 of Genesis, the firmament, or Heaven, is separated from the waters, or Earth.
In science, heavies, which are ejected from exploding stars, start colliding and sticking to each other during another collapse of hydrogen to farm another star. The heavies don't all make it to the plasma gas, as they are moving rapidly enough just to stay in orbit around the new star. You now have your Earth, or at least the makings of planets, and your Heaven, which is basically everything else not related to planets and stars, which is pretty much nothing.
On Day 3 of Genesis, God brings forth life, mainly grasses and other plants.
The first forms of life on this planet were viri, but the people writing the bibles didn't know about viri, and even if God explained it to them, they would still omit it because it was too difficult an idea to grasp way back then.
But viri eventually formed into single-celled organisms, which eventually became multi-celled organisms. As they "learned" to use the sun's energy, they could probably be refered to as plant life, in one way or another. It would take quite a long time for them to create so much waste matter (oxygen) to start evolving into creatures which could actually use the oxygen. At least, a long time by our standards. To God, this is still but a day.
On Day 4, it is said that God creates the sun and stars. Well, perhaps the authors mixed up their days, because there is no "light" without the stars having already been there. However, some people interpret this to mean specifically our own sun and Earth and the stars that we can see. Following that path, then the religeous folk would have to believe in life on other planets, because ours was created on the 4th day, while others were created on the previous two days, and it already said life was there. Life cannot live on Earth without the Sun. So there wasn't life on this planet unless the sun was already in place.
On Day 5 of Genesis, God creates the bigger animal life. He also creates life on the dry land, so animals are also walking about.
The bigger animals would have to come later. Breating oxygen, which the plant life first made as a waste product. The oxygen wasn't around until they (the plant life) had created an abundance of it.
Finally, on Day 6, God created man.
In geologic time, 13.5 to 15 billion years have passed since that first, supposed, Big Bang. If 15 billion years to us is like only 6 days to God, then we are still in the process of being created by God, because mankind has only been in existance for the blink of an eye, in geologic time.
Or could it be that God is resting now?
Day 7 of Genesis says that.
So, either God is still creating man, and we are just now eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, or God is napping, and not paying any attention to any of us at all, at least for a little bit.

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