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Had a couple weird dreams last night... don't remember all the details.
1) I walk into the break room at work, and I notice something is wrong with my locker.
It doesn't take me too long to realize that all my magnets and comic strips are no longer on the door.
Then I notice the same thing for everyone else's locker, too. Gone are all the pictures, personal schedules, stickers, postcards, everything.
We were all trying to figure out who cleaned the fronts of our lockers, but we only had two ideas. a) management cleaned it off so they could repaint the lockers, or b) a girl who doesn't work there anymore came in and cleaned off the magnets, and decided to take everything else, too.
I have no idea what that dream was supposed to mean.
2) My second dream was more just a combination of images from movies and games I have been playing lately. Scenese from Species III, Half-Life 2, Resident Evil (the movies, not the games). I don't remember the details too well, but it seemed to me it looked like I was a part of the making of the movies and games, almost like I was a director or something.

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